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CanSecWest: Security Masters Dojo Vancouver

Developing and Using Cybersecurity Threat Intelligence

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John Bambenek


Traditional security defense tools are increasingly unable to protect against emerging and current attacks. The modern attacker has adopted advanced tools and techniques that are unable to be stopped with traditional firewalls, intrusion detection and anti-virus. Meanwhile, dedicated attackers are attempting intrusions over months and years while going undetected to steal valuable information, trade secrets and financial information. Defense techniques that leverage information about attackers and their techniques, however, provide the ability to greatly enhance the security of an organization. Modern defenses can integrate intelligence and counterintelligence information which greatly increases the ability to keep attackers out and to detect their presence quickly. This course will teach students about the tools they can use to gain insight into attackers and to integrate them into their organization. This course will be a mix of lecture and hands-on training so students will be equipped on day one to go back to their work and start using threat intelligence to protect their networks and able to deploy sensors and centralized databases to accumulate intelligence information.

PREREQUISITE WARNING Each class has prerequisites for software loads and a laptop is mandatory. These individual class guides will list material the students are expected have knowledge about coming in and software tools that need to be pre-installed before attending so you get the maximum benefit from the focused intermediate or advanced level course. Please pay particular attention to the prerequisites, as the material listed there will not be reviewed in the courses, and will be necessary to get the maximum benefit out of these educational programs.

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This class is for security analysts who wish to learn how the human intelligence and signals intelligence disciplines can be used to enhance the security of an enterprise network and/or be used in the context of an investigation. Students will learn principles of operational security both to protect their identity and to spot OPSEC failures in targets to aide in attribution.

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