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CanSecWest: Security Masters Dojo Vancouver

Breaking Binary Applications

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Aaron Portnoy
Zef Cekaj


This three day training is an extremely hands-on course intended to give the attendees realistic experience auditing closed-source applications for the purposes of vulnerability discovery and exploitation. We will cover the crucial methodologies we've used over the years to unearth flaws in server-side, client-side, SCADA products, browser plugins, media players, mail clients, and more.

The first day will be devoted to building the students arsenal of tools and techniques to enumerate software's attack surface, determining where weak points that should be targeted exist, peeking under the hood to gain in-depth knowledge about how the software operates, and ultimately preparing to break it. Day one will also cover specific tools that can greatly improve the efficiency of a bug hunter. Most notably, we will cover our IDA Toolbag plugin and demonstrate how, through the power of IDAPython, a reverse engineer can automate many of the more tedious aspects of the bug hunting process.

The following two days will be entirely devoted to applying the aforementioned techniques against products that the Exodus team has found critical vulnerabilities in. Each target has been specifically chosen to impart upon the student a unique lesson about the bug hunting process.

If time permits we will walk the class through exploitation of one or more of the bugs they discovered. This will, of course, cover bypassing any of the exploitation mitigations that are present.

PREREQUISITE WARNING Each class has prerequisites for software loads and a laptop is mandatory. These individual class guides will list material the students are expected have knowledge about coming in and software tools that need to be pre-installed before attending so you get the maximum benefit from the focused intermediate or advanced level course. Please pay particular attention to the prerequisites, as the material listed there will not be reviewed in the courses, and will be necessary to get the maximum benefit out of these educational programs.

Laptop requirements