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The CanSecWest conference was established in 2000. Archives of presented material may be found below.

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CanSecWest 2014 Files

Fighting Next-Generation Adversaries with Shared Threat Intelligence
Jacob West ; CTO - Enterprise Security Products, HP

USB Flash Storage Threats and Threat Mitigation in an Air-Gapped Network Environment
George Pajari ; HCIS

No Apology Required: Deconstructing Blackberry 10
Zach Lanier, Ben Nell ; Duo Security & Accuvant

Revisiting iOS Kernel (In)Security
Tarjei Mandt ; Azimuth Security

The Real Deal of Android Device Security: the Third Party
Collin Mulliner, Jon Oberheide ; Northeastern University, Duo Security

Exploring RADIUS
Brad Antoniewicz ; Foundstone/McAfee/Intel

Copernicus 2, SENTER the Dragon
Xeno Kovah, John Butterworth ; MITRE

All Your Boot Are Belong To Us
Corey Kallenberg, Yuriy Bulygin ; Intel, MITRE (Intel Slides) - (MITRE Slides)

Platform Firmware Security Assessment with CHIPSEC
John Loucaides, Yuriy Bulygin ; Intel

Less is more, Exploring code/process-less techniques and other weird-machine methods to hide code (and how to detect them)
Shane Macaulay ; IOActive / Security Objectives

ROPs are for the 99%: A revolutionary bypass technology
Yang Yu a.k.a. "tombkeeper"; NSFOCUS Labs

Concurrency: a problem and opportunity in the exploitation of memory corruptions
Ralf-Philipp Weinmann; Comsecuris

Utilizing machine learning and DNS traffic to discover malware infections and C&C traffic
Brandon Niemczyk, Josiah Hagen, Jonathan Andersson

Exploit Detection
Haifei Li & Chong Xu ; McAfee a.k.a. Intel Security

Combating the Advanced Memory Exploitation Techniques: Detecting ROP with Memory Information Leak
Stanley Zhu and Chong Xu ; McAfee/Intel Security

Intelligent Use of Intelligence: Design to Discover
Ping Yan and Thibault Reuille ; OpenDNS

The Art of Leaks: The Return of Heap Feng Shui
Tao Yan a.k.a. "ga1ois" ; NSFOCUS Labs

Outsmarting Bluetooth Smart
Mike Ryan ; iSEC Partners