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The CanSecWest conference was established in 2000. Archives of presented material may be found below.

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CanSecWest 2013 Files

- DARPA's Peiter "mudge" Zatko

iOS6.1 - Exploitation 280 Days Later
- Stephan Esser (@i0n1c)

Evil Maid Just Got Angrier: Why Full-Disk Encryption With TPM is Insecure on Many Systems
- Yuriy Bulygin, McAfee

Sandbox Escapes: When the Broker is Broken
- Peter Vreugdenhil (@WTFuzz)

Reflecting on Reflection - Exploiting Reflection Vulnerabilities in Managed Languages
- James Forshaw (@tiraniddo)

An Android Hacker's Journey: Challenges in Android Security Research
- Joshua J. Drake (@jduck1337)

Physical Privilege Escalation and Mitigation in the x86 World
- Oded Horovitz and Steve Weis (@sweis)

DEP/ASLR bypass without ROP/JIT
- Yu Yang "tombkeeper"

SMS to Meterpreter - Fuzzing USB Modems
- Rahul Sasi (@fb1h2s)

Cracking and Analyzing Apple iCloud backups, Find My iPhone, Document Storage.
- Vladimir Katalov (@vkatalov), ElcomSoft

Desktop Insecurity
- Ilja van Sprundel & Shane "K2" Macaulay

Shining Some Light on the Evolution of BlackHole
- Chris Astacio, Websense

Project 53
- Dan Hubbard

Smart TV Security
- SeungJin Lee (@beist)

Godel's Gourd - Fuzzing for Logic Issues
- Mike "dd" Eddington (@sockstail)

MS SQL Post Exploitation Shenanigans: You're In, Now What?
- Rob Beck

Analysis of a Windows Kernel Vulnerability; From Espionage to Criminal Use
- Julia Wolf (@foxgrrl)

UPnP Vulnerabilities
- Daniel Garcia