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The CanSecWest conference was established in 2000. Archives of presented material may be found below.

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CanSecWest 2005 Files

0wning-Antivirus1.ppt 58.0K
2005-firewire-cansecwest.pdf 3.8M
2005-firewire-cansecwest.swf 4.2M
CFP05.txt 3.4K
CSWcore05-NetflowSecurity-NF-v101.ppt 153K
CSWcore05-NetflowSecurity-NF-v102.ppt 197K
CVSS-CSW-2.4.key.tar.gz 811K 187K
DMA.ppt 5.3M
Practical_IDS_Evasion.sxi 51.6K
SecurityMastersDojo.txt 5.7K
Why-Understand-Vulnerabilities.pdf 148K
botnet_cansec.pdf 131K
core05_abad.tar.gz 3.2M
core05_metasploit.pdf 238K
csw_eclair.pdf 152K
fyodorCSW05.mgp 13.4K
ipod-linux-pyfw.tar.bz2 4.4M
memory_vulns_delalleau.pdf 434K
nmap-3.82.2CSW.tar.bz2 1.7M
nmap-3.82.2CSW.tgz 2.1M
propolice-cansec2005.ppt 217K
pyfw-20041111.tar.gz 7.1K
pyfw_linux.tar.gz 11.1K
scapy_csw05.pdf 3.2M
vancouver-ap.pdf 380K
vdbs---everything-is-vulnerable---cansec--05.ppt 1.7M
vdbs05.ppt 1.7M
windowsremotekernel.pdf 279K