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The CanSecWest conference was established in 2000. Archives of presented material may be found below.

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CanSecWest 2002 Files 8.5M
CSWcore02-SecIP-v18.ppt 815K
Cansec.pdf 925K
Graph_Based_Binary_Analysis.ppt 190K
PPView97.exe 2.8M 91.8K
cansecwest02_immunix-10.ppt 233K
ckuethe.tgz 8.7K
core02-owl-html+images.tar.gz 542K
core02-owl-sources.tar.gz 10.9K
core02-owl.mgp 29.1K
core02-owl.pdf 574K 488K
crispin_immunix.ppt 214K
csw02-provos.tar.gz 7.0M
dotNet.ppt 323K
fragroute-1.2.tar.gz 83.2K
hdslides.tar.gz 104K
hogwash.ppt 90.5K 791K
honeypots-0.2.ppt 515K
ivan-arce-CanSecWest2002.ppt 627K 32.0K
libdnet-1.4.tar.gz 143K
libevent-0.4.tar.gz 56.4K
libradiate-beta-0.02.tgz 144K
nathan-caswell.ppt 1.2M
nmap-2.54BETA34-1.i386.rpm 326K
nmap-2.54BETA34.tgz 842K
nmap-frontend-0.2.54BETA34-1.i386.rpm 26.8K
rfp.tgz 1.4M
simple-nomad-csw2002.ppt 3.7M
taranis.ppt 344K
xprobe2-current-devel.tar.gz 179K